This site is the future home of the Academic Reward Project. The goal is to help monetize academic research, making it easier for researchers to support themselves, largely through social tipping. While the focus of the project is science, all areas of research will be supported. 

General Vision

Academia has become abusive, and as important as research is, researchers themselves are treated as little more than livestock. To be taken seriously, we have to publish in abusive "scholarly" journals that profit off of our work, while we get nothing in return. Much of the money we do earn comes from grants that we work to get in the first place, while the academic institutions and publishers take large cuts for themselves. 

While paid research has its problems, there should be a way to help generate a basic living off of doing research, without having to give our publishing options away, free of charge, and begging for grant money. Using ACW, the Academic Reward Token, researchers will be able to send and receive tips, and engage in social fundraising. Over time, more uses for the token will grow, with a focus on being able to purchase goods and services related to academic research. 

Getting ACW

Right now, the primary way to get ACW is the World Builder token forge. The contract is still being tested, and forging should be done after researching the process and understanding the risks. To learn more, visit the World Builder Telegram channel

Forging will always be an option. However, once user profiles are live on the site, new users will automatically receive an initial supply of ACW to use for tipping, and will receive a bonus through a referral program.

Using ACW

There are currently a few ways to use ACW. One option is to convert it to TRX or some other token on an exchange and simply cash out. The other option is to use ACW to tip other people. There are a few ways to tip people currently. ACW is available on the goseedit bot as well CCTIP. With CCTIP, anyone can easily tip people on Telegram, WeChat, reddit, or Twitter. 

Tipping academics is a great way to thank them for the research that they're doing. If they share a new preprint, or a new paper in a journal, feel free to tip them. We suggest a 1000 ACW tip, which currently equates to about $0.02; it's not a lot, but every little bit counts. Moreover, we are working on ways to use ACW directly, including networking with other projects to provide services and products related to doing research.